Mike Tyson, once a celebrated boxer, owned an incredible mansion which he had to sell following a series of personal and financial troubles.

In 1992, Tyson faced significant monetary challenges, leading him to part with his luxurious Ohio home in 1999.

This house, which was left untouched for a decade, has now been repurposed into a church, known as The Living Word Sanctuary Church.

The transformation of the property is remarkable.

The Living Word Sanctuary Church has converted what was once a symbol of Tyson’s extravagant lifestyle into a place of worship and community.

The church’s pastor, Nicholas DeJacimo, noted the extensive overgrowth on the property when they acquired it, humorously suggesting the grass was tall enough to be sold for hay.

Significant changes have been made to adapt the mansion to its new role.

The marble interior had been sliding into a state of disrepair.

Mike Tyson’s former mansion has since been transformed into a church

The delipidated pool has since been turned into a sanctuary.

The house was decked out with chandeliers and tiger cages in its prime.

The once-neglected swimming pool has been converted into a sanctuary, and the living room now serves as a gathering space for churchgoers.

Reminders of Tyson’s time still linger, such as the intact basketball court.

Other transformations include converting the old fireplace into an indoor waterfall and repurposing the four-bay garage into classrooms and a nursery.

One of the most notable changes involves the large steel cages that once housed Tyson’s famous tigers.

These have been dismantled and replaced with a pavilion.

The mansion, which had gold-plated fittings and Tyson’s name on the imposing gate, was in a state of disrepair when sold for $1.1 million.

During Tyson’s ownership, the mansion featured five bedrooms, a full-size pool and Jacuzzi, tiger cages, a basketball court, and was adorned with crystal chandeliers.


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